• Type: Lint 41/H
  • Manufacturer: Alstom LHB in Salzgitter (DEU)
  • Number offered: 9 trainsets
  • Year of manufacture: 2002
  • Type of rail vehicle: Diesel-hydraulic two-car trainset
  • Location: Hengelo (Ov.), the Netherlands
  • Admission: Netherlands
  • Description: 9x Lint 41/H DMU trainsets. Powered by 2 diesel-hydraulic power packs per trainset. Maintenance performed by Nedtrain in the Netherlands, according to original documentation. 2 Mio kilometer overhaul performed in 2017 by Shunter. Annual mileage is 160,000 per train set. 1 Mio kilometer overhaul planned in 2025. Train sets are sold including main spare parts: 2x diesel engine, 6x generator, 4x transmission, 5x gearbox with reversing, 7x gearbox without reversing, 7x wheelset axle 1/6, 7x wheelset axle 2/5, 4x wheelset axle 3/4.

Vehicle data

  • Length over couplings: 41.890mm
  • Wheel diameter min/max: 710mm/770mm
  • Number of axles: 6 (B'-2'-B')
  • Center to center distance bogie: running bogie 2,700mm / motor bogie 1,900mm
  • Total weight empty/loaded: 63.4t / 82.0t
  • Maximum axle load: 16t
  • Technical maximum speed: 120 km/h
  • Braking system: MRP C-pn-P-A-H-Mg (D)
  • Engine power: 2x 315kW

Infrastructure compatibility

  • Communication functionality: GSM-R
  • Boundary profile: EBO-G2 and OPS-NL
  • Loading category: C2
  • Automatic train influence: ATB-EG and ATB-NG

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